uberX FAQ Page

uberX FAQ Page

Application Questions

How long does the background check take?
We receive most background check results in 2-3 days, but occasionally they take up to 10 days to complete, so your patience is appreciated.
My account status is "ready to interview." How do I schedule my interview?
There is not a formal interview process for uberX. This status means that you have not yet completed your background check, virtual training, or uploaded your vehicle documents. If you think you have done all three of these things and are still listed as "ready to interview" email us at PartnersOmaha@uber.com and ask us to review your account - we may have missed something!
How do I know if my car is acceptable for uberX?
We accept most vehicles 2004 and newer with 4 doors. We do not accept Lincoln Towncar, Ford Crown Victoria, or Mercury Grand Marquis. When you visit partners.uber.com most accepted vehicles will be listed on the "vehicles" page. If you do not see your vehicle but you think it qualifies, email us at PartnersOmaha@uber.com

You are expected to take responsibility for maintaining the condition of your vehicle. It should be free of noticeable physical damage; large bumper stickers and decals; clean inside and out; and free of smells. A vehicle that has been a taxi needs to have it's decals, meter, and dome light removed.
I'm having trouble uploading my documents, can I just come to the office to do it?
No. Due to the small size of our team, we cannot handle documents on a walk-in basis. If you are having trouble getting your documents uploaded on partners.uber.com, please email them to PartnersOmaha@uber.com and we will upload them for you that way. Please note that documents will show as "Pending" until Uber has an opportunity to review them. No additional action is required at that time.
My documents are "Pending," What should I do?
Please email PartnersOmaha@uber.com and ask us to review your documents. Someone from the Uber operations team will review and approve these documents very soon, and will email you if there are any issues with the documents you have uploaded.
Can my friend/family member/roommate drive my car on the uberX system as well?
Yes, as long as that person is also on your insurance policy for the vehicle and they have their own Uber account. They can create an account from our regular applications page, add the same vehicle and upload the same documents.

Trip Questions

Can I accept cash tips?
There is no tip with Uber. The Uber experience means not having to reach for a wallet at the end of a ride. As a result, we message to riders that tipping is not required - we never want riders to feel obligated to pay extra at the end of Uber trips. If a rider offers a tip, please remind that them that tipping is not necessary with Uber. New riders may not know that there is no tip with Uber and could feel cheated if they later learn that tipping was not required. However, if the rider still insists, you can accept the tip.
What if I forget to start a trip?
We are not able to adjust trips that you forgot to start the trip. If you do not hit begin trip and confirm, we are unable to appropriately charge the user, and subsequently unable to compensate you, the driver. Please confirm that you are starting the trip every time!
How Long Should I Wait For A User?
We suggest that drivers wait for users for at least 5 minutes after arriving at the trip starting point. After the 5 minute free waiting period, a user can ask a driver to continue waiting. After the user have given you permission, you may hit "begin trip" and the user will start to get charged for the fare. Otherwise, hit cancel in the top left-hand corner to go back on duty. As long as it has been more than 5 minutes and is not the customer's first cancellation, you will be paid the $5 cancellation fee.
When is it appropriate to call the client?
We suggest that a driver only contact the customer when you encounter an unexpected delay on the way to pick him or her up. This could include heavy traffic, an accident, flat tire, etc. Users tend to rate drivers lower if they have been contacted multiple times during a trip request. If you have arrived at the pickup location and have not seen the customer after 1 to 2 minutes, it is then a good idea to call the customer to make sure they are aware of your arrival.
How can I be sure I pick up the right user?
It's always best to ask "May I please have your name?" as confirmation. If the user is able to tell you the name you see on your phone, you likely have the right user. This is more effective than asking the user "Are you Kevin?" in which case they can simply say "Yes"!
What should I do if the phone or app crashes in the middle of a trip?
For any unexpected technical issues before, during, or after a trip, we suggest that the driver writes into PartnersOmaha@uber.com with detailed information including the trip number. If appropriate, we can adjust the fare as neccessary. As Uber is designed to be a cashless experience for customers, it is best to let Uber handle it and not ask the customer for cash
What should I do if the user makes a mess in the car?
In this situation, please submit photo evidence and a copy of the receipt for cleaning expenses to PartnersOmaha@uber.com within 48 hours of the trip. We will charge the user and reimburse you upon review. Remember, uber is completely cashless and drivers should not accept cash from customers for cleaning - let Uber handle it.


How do payments work?
When do I get paid?
Uber pays partners on a weekly basis from Monday 4:00am to the next Monday at 3:59am. Please allow 3-5 business days for this payment to process - it will usually post by Thursday. The most accurate source for your payments are the invoices located within your Partner Dashboard. To access the invoices, you can log in at https://partners.uber.com (the username and password are the same as the UberDriver app on your phone) and click the "Invoices" link on the left.
How do I get paid?
You can always update your bank and tax information on vault.uber.com. Login with the same username and password as the UberDriver app.

Miscellaneous Account Questions

How often do I have to drive
Uber's system is designed to be as flexible for you as possible. The system is available 24/7 and you are welcome to drive as much or as little as your schedule allows. We only ask that you make sure to complete at least 1 trip every 2-3 weeks. If you do not complete a trip within 4 weeks, your account will be deactivated for inactivity. If you know you will be unable to drive for several weeks due to travel or other obligations, you can return your phone to the Uber office before you leave and get it back when you return. We will keep your account active.
Can a user request me in the future?
No, users automatically request the closest driver based on location. This ensures that users are receiving the lowest ETAs, and that drivers are spending less on gas.
What is the minimum driver rating you need to maintain to access our App?
Because we are always focused on customer service, the minimum average rating needed to keep your Uber account in good standing is 4.5 out of 5 stars
Should I tell users to rate me 5 stars?
We suggest that a partner never asks a user to "rate me five stars". Historically, partners have received lower ratings after asking for 5 stars. If a partner provides exceptional service, the majority of time he/she will be awarded five stars!
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